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Welcome to Harmony Business & Technology

Catering Equipment, Laundry Equipment...Harmony Business & Technology

Established in 1983, Harmony Business has continually grown and evolved as a business and prides itself on its services and products offered in three areas; Professional Kitchens, Laundry and EPoS Solutions. We operate extensively throughout the North West UK with businesses of all kinds with varying needs. 

Catering Equipment

Harmony are a leading UK commercial catering equipment supplier. We provide a huge range of products covering all your catering equipment requirements from commercial glasswashers, dishwashers, microwaves & grills to bottle coolers, wine fridges, chest freezers and much more. We are THE one stop shop for all your catering equipment requirements. Harmony are a catering equipment supplier committed to bringing you the best deal.

Laundry Equipment

Harmony are a leading UK commercial laundry equipment supplier providing everything from washing machines, tumble dryers and laundry systems for many big businesses.

We also specialise in Sundry Equipment and Warewashing.


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